FREE Consult & Information Request is meant solely to provide educational materials and unbiased information on the use of EIUL as an investment.

However, if you would like for us to provide you with an analysis of an existing life insurance policy (that you already own) or if you are looking to find out if the insurance policy you are presently considering is designed correctly (to meet your clearly defined goals)… you can request a FREE Insurance Design Analysis & Bid Package. There are NO costs or obligations implied when requesting an analysis from us.

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Design Analysis & Bid Package Request Disclosure

Our design analysis will provide you with feedback as to what the illustration (or an annual policy statement for existing insurance) indicates to us. On a life illustration (on any type of life policy and not just EIUL) we will evaluate what assumptions have been used when designing the contract. We will inform you of any design flaws or if the numbers have been “juiced” (by using unrealistic assumptions or other common illustration “tricks”) to deliver policy performance.

If requested, we will provide you with a Bid Package that will provide several alternatives to any life insurance policy that you are currently considering (assuming we have found deficiencies in the illustration sent to us.)

NOTE: If the policy/illustration you send us for review is properly designed to meet your stated goals – we will confirm our findings in writing. Further, if the policy/illustration is properly designed, we will ALWAYS suggest that you keep your policy or complete your purchase through the Insurance Agent that provided the illustration. We are merely offering to provide a SECOND “Professional” OPINION on any existing life insurance policy or purchase that you are considering investing your money into.